"Dedicated to a job well done!"

About Us

After injuring his back in his job on 2003, Francisco Navarro found that his employer no longer needed someone with a back injury and let him go. So after 20 years of experience in concrete construction, Francisco began his own concrete construction company with the barest essentials. His construction crew consisted of himself and his son, Ernesto.

They worked long and hard hours, twelve hour days, taking on everything from the smallest side jobs to larger assignments. Word traveled fast concerning the excellent quality of their work, reliability and the promptness of their accomplishments as well as the clean, professional look of their finished product. More people were hired; new equipment purchased; and a huge garage was leased for newly-acquired trucks and tools. In the words of Ernesto, "My father is one of the nicest people around, with the highest work ethic. I learned from him that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and the value of responsibility, hard work and dedication.

Everyone at Navarro's Concrete takes this opportunity to extend their gracious thanks to those who have made their progress possible."

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